• 1. Comfortable Elastic Band
    2. Never a Struggle to Put On
    3. Adjustable Buckle to Fit All Heads
  • 1. Runs on Regular AAA Batteries
    2. Includes 3 High Power Energizer Batteries
    3. Ready to Be Used Right Away
  • 1. Keep It or Give As a Present
    2. Attractive Gift Box
    3. Doubles as Storage When not In Use
  • 1. Weighs Just a Few Ounces
    2. Durable – Aluminium Alloy & ABS Plastic
    3. Super Bright at 150 Lumens
  • 1. Tilts To Various Angles
    2. Extremely Versatile
    3. Zoom In Close with the Brightest Light

Power Headlamp 150

Introducing our first headlamp LED product, the CREE LED Power Headlamp 150

When in need of a hands-free LED headlamp, it’s imperative that it be highly effective, dependable and ultra-durable. The IntelliNotion Power Headlamp 150 is made from only superior, high-grade materials. This ensures its ability to literally outshine all others when needed the most. Consumers who purchase this headlamp LED do so for multiple reasons: to help their kids see well as they venture outdoor, for safe night time running or hunting and/or to store in an emergency preparedness kit.

Price: $100


Power Headlamp 150 - Portfolio

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